Information Security

This page provides links to some of our published material in the information security space.

We made a short presentation at the Investor Ideas Security Conference on March 11th in NYC. Here is the link to the PDF of the presentation: Investor_Ideas_Slides_March_11_2014.

NXT-ID (NXTD) – Digital Identity

NXT-ID Update January 2014 – This note describes their recent additional financing and bumps our IV from $10.93 to $11.51.

NXT-ID Cash in the Cloud – Commercial adoption of digital wallets and payments is getting real. This note ticks through the highlights and the NXT-ID angle.

We published this initial full report on NXT-ID in October 2013 and it’s full of more than you probably want to know about the market and technology behind what we expect to be a key player in digital identity management.

Viscount Systems (VSYS) – Information and Physical Security Convergence

December 2013 – Playing in Microsoft “Devices & Services” strategy – Viscount forges tight links with MSFT infrastructure and business development in information security.

October 2012 – Our initial report on Viscount provides detail on the market, technology and company strategy. The company has made strides since the report was published (and seen their stock go up 100% since) but there is far more to go and this document is still useful background.

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