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This is the “new” SoundView Technology Group which is just a shadow of the old SoundView which has a strong heritage as a research-driven investment bank and brokerage firm back in the 1990’s.

We’d like to believe we are carrying on the tradition of quality work but in a more online, social way. We do our own research but specialize more in leveraging the research of others and do a good deal of “figuring things out” for our clients and our general audience.

We tend to focus on the most promising emerging technology investments. Our advisory services help smaller public and non-public companies reach their potential and enjoy a superior investor positioning which leads to improved valuation and capital raising ability. We also run a few portfolios for ourselves and some managed accounts.

Finally we are building our presence on the internet, starting with IPO CANDY which we started in 2009. We expect to introduce a companion service that focuses on the M&A market in late 2016.

Kris Tuttle (an ex-SoundView partner and Director of Research) started up operations in April of 2005 (as Research 2.0) and reinstated the SoundView brand after acquiring the trademarks in 2011.

Our base of operation is mostly Boston and New York. You can get in touch with us via our contact management system, by email, phone, or physically at: SoundView Technology Group, 1313 Washington St., #326, Boston MA 02118.

To reach us via email please send to kris@soundview.co.

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